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Welcome to the Fat-Acceptance Diabetes Support List's Website

Why We Exist

Diabetes is not a disease that requires a "diet". Weight loss is not a permanent cure to diabetes, and since many people gain wait from dieting, or regain any weight loss and then some, weight loss attempts often make diabetes worse, not better.

What We're About

The FA-DIAB list is here to support diabetics who support Fat Acceptance, the belief that intentional weight loss is unnecessary. The list is an area where diabetics can discuss their disease without fear of the "loose weight or die" that some diabetics and medical practitioners support in areas such as

We welcome participants who are diabetics, hypoglycemics, family and friends of diabetics, diabetic professionals, or other people concerned with diabetes who support fat acceptance. Age, gender, weight, and so forth are of no concern. List subscription is open to all who are interested.

Want to learn more? Click the navigation bar above to find more information on Fat Acceptance, the list and how to join, and diabetes in general.

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