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Fat Acceptance

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What is Fat Acceptance?

Fat Acceptance first and foremost is about accepting ourselves as we are. It means that we accept that we and others are all created differently. Some are taller or shorter, skinnier or fatter, or have faster or slower metabolisms. It makes no more difference what we weigh than the color of our skin does.

Fat Acceptance means that we do not "diet" to lose weight. Some people may have special dietary needs because of specific health reasons, such as Crohn's Disease or heart disease, or have them for religious or moral reasons, such as being a vegetarian, but these are not meant to cause weight loss. Fat Acceptance recognizes that most "diets" for weight loss almost always fail and can sometimes cause more health problems than they are intended to cure. It is possible for most people to be healthy at any size.

Fat Acceptance means bucking against the masses. The general public still makes fat jokes and thinks nothing of it. The media still portrays fat people as overeaters, lazy, and ugly. Many medical professionals believe that fat people can not be healthy and "must" loose weight, even in the face of proof to the contrary. There is a wide gap between being truly dangerously obese and carrying a few 'extra' pounds; the vast majority of people can live perfectly happy lives at their natural weight.

Fat Acceptance means enjoying life. It means feeling good about ourselves, our lives, our clothes, what we eat, and who we spend time with. Fat Acceptance is about living life every day just as we are, just like everyone else.

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