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Fat-Acceptance Diabetes Support List




The fa-diab mailing list is for diabetics who don't believe in intentional weight loss. It was created to be a safe space where diabetics can discuss their condition without being bombarded with messages saying they need to "lose weight or die". In order to keep this space safe, there are a few simple rules that must be followed. Failure to follow these rules may result in you being banned from the list.

First and foremost: dieting and other intentional weight loss topics are absolutely forbidden and will not be tolerated on this list.

Please understand: there is a difference between a fat diabetic and a fat-accepting diabetic. If you think that diets are a good idea or want help loosing eight, this is not a list you should participate in.

What Is Allowed

Discusions about diabetes concerns, including but not restricted to:

In general, disagreements are a welcome part of discussions as long as they don't reduce to name-calling and other childish behaviors. Even if you are not a legal adult, please act like one.

What is Not Allowed

The following are not allowed on this list. Posting these topics can and will result in a ban. If you think that following them will not be possible for you, please save us all the trouble and do not join. There are many other diabetic support lists and sites.

What is Usually Allowed

The following topics are allowed, but can be sensitive. Please exercise caution when posting about them.

This list is a support group and as such we've all leaned on each others. We've heard of losses, jobs, health, and family, and we've shared joys. Still, discussions should not run on for days or longer. If you plan to cross-post to the regular fat-acceptance, we ask that you post only there, as many people are on both lists. In general, we are liberal about letting OT posts go on as long as they don't run wild.

Caveats & Disclaimers

Anything in the rules is up for discussion on the list for modification. The list owner has the final say. Also, please remember that common courtesy and politeness still apply.

Now that you've read the rules, check out:

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